For Mom- A Gift Guide for Mother's Day

For Mom- A Gift Guide for Mother's Day | Soleil Toujours

This is THE year moms should be doubly showered and regaled with lavish gifts for all of the hardships us moms have endured sheltering at home and some of us even recovering from Covid. Laundry, mopping, scrubbing toilets, constant cooking and then cleaning again and again, all while trying to be productive at work. This has been no small task, a groundhog’s day of Cinderella-like hard knocks.  After polling my oldest and dearest friends on one of our virtual cocktail hours, we came up with the following top Coronavirus-escapes most wanted. Cheers to moms getting outside, seeing and feeling the sun, our skin glowing and healthy, and staying safe!

 Mother's Day Gift- Books

1. The COVID19 ultimate book gift set: Virginia Woolf's A Room of One’s Own (yes the novel, but also an actual room of one’s own would be ideal!), 100 Years of Solitude, Love in the Time of Cholera. Get the picture??




2. Treat mom to an at home spa day with a soothing aromatherapy candle, a CBD bath balm for ultimate relaxation, and her favorite champagne (nothing less than a magnum please) - and most importantly, leave her ALONE!!




3. Staying on the self care theme, we recently upgraded our at home IPL device to this beauty. It's so easy to use and we especially love the fact that it’s lightweight and has a streaming pulse so that you can drag the device across large areas of skin, making the process super fast. It also automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone.




4. For all those Zoom calls, treat mom to a gorgeous sunkissed glow while she’s not able to escape outdoors as much as she’d like. Our sunless tanning products are a must. 70%+Organic made with plant-based DHA, odor neutralizing technology and antioxidant-rich, her skin will immediately feel supple while developing into a radiant, believable bronze.  




5. Finally, why not throw in three of our most popular Lip Masque SPF 15 shades to protect her perfect pout. Made with 100% mineral SPF, organic oils and anti-aging peptides, they’re the perfect solution to treat, volumize and shield, all at once.



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