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Our Products

Beautiful skin deserves powerful protection. Soleil revolutionizes the way we experience sun care, creating a modern, sensual connection between the body and the sun. Our cutting-edge naturally based and organic formulations combine broad-spectrum, mineral-based sun protection with the most advanced anti-oxidant, anti-aging and beautifying solutions. Exquisitely textured and richly satisfying, each product provides a multi-level defense formula that protects, corrects, and boosts the health of your skin.

Defense Level One:

Our mineral-based sunscreen creates a powerful shield against the sun, which is the primary skin stressor, present 365 days of the year and the leading cause of premature aging and skin disease.

Defense Level Two:

Our proprietary Eco-Sun Complex is a carefully crafted formula of advanced anti-oxidants that nourish and enrich the deeper layers your skin, helping to neutralize free radical damage and promote cell health.

Defense Level Three:

Our highly sophisticated anti-aging ingredients (should we specify which ones?) work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help boost collagen production.  

Best of all, SOLEIL transforms the way natural, organic and mineral sun care looks and feels on the skin. SOLEIL products apply white so you can see where you are protecting, deliver superior anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits in a lightweight and smooth texture, and finish clear. All of our products avoid potentially toxic and controversial chemicals.  

The result is a luxurious, modern, sensory experience that makes your sun care routine a daily indulgence rather than a daily chore.