A Gift Guide for: Him

With December officially here, it's time to really get started on your Christmas shopping. Our newest gift guide caters to the men in your life. Curated to provide options for work, play, and everything in between - we hope to make the gift giving process a little easier on you this year. 
1. Fitbit Surge - Fitness trackers make it easy and convenient to focus on personal fitness goals and progress. In our opinion, the Fitbit Surge is the best tracker on the market and makes for a great gift - whether it's someone just starting out a new fitness plan or wanting to track their hard work. We like it for the GPS feature and overall health monitoring but it also alerts you to new texts and phone calls - keeping you connected on the go. (Also available in blue and tangerine).
2. Frank & Eileen Button Up ShirtThis shirt is designed with the modern man in mind but made to last as a classic staple in any man's wardrobe. Frank & Eileen use the highest quality materials sourced from a fabric mill in Italy, the shirts are then constructed in California. Featured here is the "Paul" shirt in black Italian flannel. We appreciate the versatility of this button-up - transition from work to happy hour to beers and football on the weekend. (Available in several other colors and styles).
3. Shinola Signature Briefcase - A well-made, leather briefcase is a necessity for many men who have to carry their essentials to and from the office or on a business trip. Shinola makes handcrafted products that are built to last. Their Signature Briefcase made from high quality Horween leather is perfect for carrying your laptop, documents, phone, etc. and keeps everything organized while you're on the move. Shinola produces out of Detroit, MI and they're passionate about providing jobs for Americans. We are fully supportive of their efforts. (Signature Briefcase is also available in deep brown). 
4. Harry's 'The Winston' Razor - We think it's time to ditch the subpar razor for something more streamlined and efficient. We love the "The Winston" for it's sleek metallic finish, weighted core, and thoughtful design. Harry's products can actually make shaving an enjoyable experience. For a personalized touch, engraving is available for the handle. Another gifting option to consider - Harry's offers grooming supplies delivered right to your doorstep for a low monthly cost. 
5. Soleil Toujours Daily Moisturizer SPF 20 for Face - A close shave requires a high quality moisturizer to ensure that your skin recovers well. No one wants razor burn or a break out. Our Daily Moisturizer with SPF 20 is a lightweight, non-greasy formula with anti-aging benefits that can be used everyday. It's a very simple way to protect your skin from daily sun exposure while also keeping it moisturized. Our packaging makes it easy to bring with you anywhere whether you're traveling on business or heading to the gym. 
6. Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots - Stylish, comfortable, and classic. The Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots are made in America from Horween leather and constructed like the original boots from 1914. Easy to transition from work to play and do not go out of style - these are perfect for any man looking for a go-to pair of shoes that will last him years to come. These boots were definitely made for walking...1000 miles. (More leather and color options available).
More gift guides coming soon!

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