Time to change up your skincare routine!

Are you like us and living in a region where it’s finally starting to feel like fall? As much as we love the beauty of autumn in New York, we don’t love what the colder and drier air can do to our skin. A new season means a new skincare routine; if you haven’t already - it’s time to switch out your summer skincare products! By following our tips below, the process will be painless and your body will thank you. We want you to look and feel your best all year round! 
We cannot stress enough that sunscreen is your most powerful weapon against visible signs of aging and skin cancer. A cloudy fall day can be just as damaging as a bright summer day as UVA/UVB rays are present all year round. UVA rays penetrate clouds and glass and they are primarily responsible for premature aging. Make sure that any exposed skin is protected with broad spectrum SPF while you’re outside, 365 days per year.
Drinking the optimal amount of water can make all the difference for your skin’s appearance. Eight glasses/day is the most recommended amount of water to consume and helps flush out toxins, reduce the appearance of dark circles, and keeps your skin fresh and hydrated.
Daily hydration goes hand in hand with daily moisturizing. The colder seasonal temperatures mean the air is drier and harsher for your skin. Indoor heating perpetuates dry skin, leaving little relief from the winter conditions. By moisturizing every morning before applying makeup, you can lock in hydration and start your day off on the right foot. We recommend our Daily Moisturizer with SPF 20. Later on when your day is done, repair overnight by applying our Daily Anti-Aging Power Serum to clean skin on your face and hands (the first body part to show signs of aging). A little goes a long way!
Exfoliating with an oil infused scrub on your body sloughs away dead skin cells and can keep your skin looking radiant. We also recommend a gentle facial exfoliator as it’s common to wear more makeup in fall and winter than summer - the last thing you want is that build-up on your skin.
For a lovely and easy DIY exfoliating scrub - try this recipe from makeup artist, Young Bek, using our body oil.
White, coarse sea salt
Cocoa butter oil for body
4-5 tablespoons of Après Soleil Exotic Shimmer Body Oil
Using about 2 parts salt and 1 part oil, mix ingredients together in a container of your choice (we like glass jars because they’re simple and reusable). Apply to dry skin using circular motions, rinse off when you’re done. The salt gently exfoliates while the oils keep your skin soft and moisturized.
A proper, well balanced diet can contribute positively to the complexion of your skin. Try incorporating the following foods into your diet (via Fitness Magazine):
Chocolate - indulge yourself with some dark chocolate (70% or higher cacao). Dark chocolate has antioxidants and can improve your skin’s luminosity.
Peppers - veggies that can help fight wrinkles AND decrease your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.
Steel cut oatmeal - oatmeal takes longer to break down in your body, keeping blood sugar stable. Spikes in blood sugar can elevate your body’s production of androgens - hormones that can cause wrinkles.
Green tea - helps fight redness and inflammation and packed with antioxidants. Drinking one cup/day can make all the difference.
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