Soleil Travels to Hawaii and Back!


We interviewed one of our favorite bloggers and travel guru Ashlyn from Let It Be Beautiful! She joined the Safe Sun Movement this summer and brought Soleil with her to Hawaii. See her blog for more inspiration!

1. You visited a handful of beaches in Hawaii! Any favorites to share with our fellow travel lovers?  

The beaches in Hawaii were absolutely beautiful. We did a lot of site seeing and my absolute favorites were Waimanalo Bay Beach and Waimea Beach in North Shore. Waikiki is WAY over crowded for me.

2. What are your top 5 essentials for any luxury getaway? 

  1. DSLR Camera
  2. Sunnies
  3. Good Book/Magazine
  4. Cute Swim Suits 
  5. Skincare products

3. What is your skincare routine and how does sunscreen play into your day-to-day life?

My skin is really important to me and since I damaged it so much while in my teens and college years it is really important to me that I take care of it. Most mornings I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, followed by a hydrating cream that offers an SPF of at least 15. I want to make sure that I am protecting my skin from the sun as much as possible, especially since I walk to work every day. At night I have gotten into a habit of ALWAYS taking my makeup off, so my skin is able to breathe. Over the last several months, every night I do some sort of facial mask, a night time cream and an oil that I leave on over night. I have noticed a big difference in the texture of my skin with this routine and tend not to stray very far from it.

4.What destination is next on your must list?

After traveling to Hawaii, my boyfriend & I seriously have the travel itch. The next place on my list is Greece and Australia. & I would love to take a trip to Europe as well.



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