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Sunscreen For Kids


During these dogs days of summer, our kids are out of school, enjoying the carefree warmer months out in the sun. This is an important time of year for them, whether they spend their days at athletic camps, relaxing by the pool or playing with their friends at the playground. However, the sun can cause serious damage to our little ones without them even taking notice!


When choosing a sunscreen, especially for children, the most important factor is the ingredients. But words like all-natural and organic are so commonly thrown around, they can cloud our judgment and make it hard to tell exactly what’s in the products on the market. We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients in all of our products, but most importantly in our Children’s Mineral Based Sunscreen Mist. What sets our children’s sunscreen apart from the rest is our 100% mineral based formula. It provides children with superior broad-spectrum UV protection, while moisturizing their delicate skin. That’s because even the children’s sunscreen includes our Eco-Sun Complex, comprised of Vitamin C Estor, Red Algae, Vitamin E, and Bisabolol. Together these powerhouse ingredients create a strong sunscreen that not only shields skin cells from damaging rays, but also provides essential nutrients.


Sprays have become all the rage for children’s sunscreens in the last few years, but chemical sprays don’t provide full coverage—and it’s too easy for children to breath them in. Chemical sunscreens also contain harmful components like oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate, which have multiple negative effects on the body. They penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, often found in urine and the breast milk of new mothers. With mineral sunscreens, mothers have one less thing to worry about when getting their kids (and themselves) ready for a day out in the sun—especially with those little ones who put their hands in their mouths all day long. Plus, mineral sunscreens are thought to withstand the sun better, breaking down more slowly, providing longer lasting protection. When it comes to our precious little ones, it is especially important to practice safe sun.


Happy summer!



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