Hat Couture

Summer is officially on us. Warm weather, long days, short dresses, chic sandals, and our favorite accessory of all– hats. Nothing exudes personal style quite like a hat. With a simple tilt of the brim or subtle curve around the face, a hat can communicate confidence, grace and glamour. A fabulous hat can inspire, empower and, best of all, protect.

A few tips for the perfect summer hat:

Think maximum protection: wear UPF-rated hats. Yes, all hats offer a certain amount of protection – but not all hats are created equal. A hat with a UPF rating 50+ can keep out 98-99% of all UV rays. Like SPF is to sunscreen, UPF is to textiles. It guarantees a certain amount of protection. The greater the rating, the more UVA and UVB rays it can actually keep out. And these days function and fashion can coexist. There are plenty options for uber-chic sun hats offering UPF protection.

Select a hat that flatters your face shape.  If you think you’re not a hat person – you probably just haven’t found the right hat.  There are endless styles of hats that fit every size and shape of face. You just need to find your fit. A general rule of thumb is to select a hat that offsets the shape of your face. If you have a round face, choose hats with a raised crown and irregular brim to lengthen and slim. For oblong faces, you’ll need hats that sit low on the brow, shortening and adding width to your face.

Choose the right hat for your activity.  Seems pretty obvious – but you don’t want to be caught with the wrong hat. Think about your day before you leave the house. If you’re sipping cocktails on the beach – you can go for a big, floppy hat with plenty of shade protection, but if you’re headed on the sailboat – choose a hat with smaller brim and a secure tie to hold it down when the wind picks up.

Own a “go-to” hat.  It’s always nice to have one neutral hat in your closet that goes with everything. Black, beige or straw hats are always a good bet. You can dress it up or dress it down. It is also perfect for travel – so you don’t have to pack more than one hat for multiple outfits.

Evoke confidence and style with Soleil’s stunning line of hats, specially designed to deliver both sun protection and discerning beauty under one brim.

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