Soleil Shines at CEO Luxury Summit hosted by Robb Report

Everyone likes a compliment now and then. Us included. So, when Dr. Mary Sheu, Medical Director at Johns Hopkins Dermatology and Cosmetic Center at Green Spring Station, invited Soleil to participate in the prestigious, invitation-only CEO Luxury Summit hosted by Robb Report in Deer Valley, we happily agreed. Sheu commended Soleil for its sophistication, style and quality, which fit perfectly at this distinguished event.

Dr. Mary Sheu

“Since I tell all of my patients that sunscreen is the single most important step in any anti-aging skin care routine, I thought [Soleil] would appeal to my patients as well as the Robb Report audience,” says Sheu, who presented at the conference of prominent guests. “People asked a lot of questions about sunscreen and we discussed what distinguished Soleil Toujours from other sunscreens. Many people wore it skiing the next day.”

Although Sheu is a dermatologist, her journey with Soleil started as a concerned consumer looking for a natural sunscreen. "I am always on the search for high-performing skin care products… With my first pregnancy, I overhauled my entire life to be organic and all natural,” says Sheu. “When it comes to mineral sunscreen however, I have struggled with the compromise of all natural products where the texture/application is not often as elegant, versus conventional products that perform beautifully but contain chemicals I am trying to avoid.  More of my patients are also asking for recommendations for natural skin care options… It's great that your sunscreen contains antioxidants and collagen stimulators - I love a good multitasker.  I wish I had discovered your line earlier!"

Montage Deer Valley


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