Earth’s Treasures For Our Skin

Mineral Based Sunscreen

Trapped in earth and stone, nestled at the root of a flower, waving in the tide’s rise and fall. Simple, stoic, hidden. Our earth is full of wonders that heal, protect and nourish.

For centuries, we have used earth’s bounty to help cure, heal, feed and fortify our bodies. As we celebrate Earth Day, we’re reminded of that connection, to feel grateful for those precious gifts and to take advantage of those natural treasures.

At Soleil, we have a few that have become our go-to favorites:

Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide: Okay, it goes without saying that these two are our all-time favorites. This powerful mineral duo is your most effective solution to combat aging. They simply stop the sun. That alone prevents 80-percent of skin damage and premature loss of tone and texture. With a super-tough origin, mined from rock and ore, they have the strength to withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays. Enabled by modern technology, we have learned to harness this power in a mineral-based sunscreen that is easy to apply, going on light and sheer, so you’ll barely know it’s there.

Red Algae: This deep-sea, nutrient-rich plant is nature’s ultimate beautifier. Rich in minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids and proteins, red algae has it all – including astaxanthin (asta-zan-thin), a potent antioxidant. Produced by the plant to protect it from heat and sun, this super-supplement does the same for us, reducing UVA damage, as well as helping with cell repair, collagen production and moisture-loss prevention. (Sounds simple – but its benefits are complex.)

Turmeric: This multi-tasking super bulb boasts more anti-aging powers than any other natural ingredient. Although its benefits have been known for centuries, only recently has turmeric been receiving attention from skin care companies. Growing deep in the ground, it comes from the root of the flowering plant Curcuma longa. “Haldi,” as it is called in India, serves as a natural anti-aging, antibacterial powerhouse, stimulating new cell growth (to maintain skin elasticity), lightening pigmentation (to even skin tone), controlling oily skin (to fight acne), and moisturizing on a deep cellular level.

Natural radiance begins with natural ingredients. For that, we thank Mother Earth.

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