Off the Beaten Path This Summer

If you’re like us, you’ve been stuck under the literal, physical and mental dark cloud of our endless winter on the East Coast. The thought of summer seems like a wish on the wind. That long-ago friend who never seems to return. But with tax day come and gone, if you haven’t already made your summer vacation plans, you’re officially behind.

Not to worry, this isn’t the time to give up hope (that was in February). We’ve enlisted André Koester, Luxury Travel Advisor with Huffman Travel Ltd, to give us some great recommendations for unique, remote locations that will offer you the indulgence you deserve.


Situated on the north coast of Columbia, Cartagena has been called the Queen of the Caribbean Coast. “Visit this chic, lively city for a mix of great food, culture and beach-going,” Koester recommends. “Stay at the boutique Hotel Casa San Agustin, which is located in the heart of the walled city, and offers everything you could possibly imagine to enjoy this beautiful city.”



Discover the beauty of this lesser-known destination. Koester encourages reserving/booking a room at “the stunning Mukul Luxury Resort & Spa, which has set the standard for luxury properties in Nicaragua. Located on the country’s Emerald Coast, it’s known for its ultra-luxe accommodations, set in a stunning landscape. Guests can snorkel, fish, surf and golf, and also explore Nicaragua's natural beauty and colonial heritage.”



This off the radar Caribbean island is one of Koester’s favorite recommendations and is “known for its powder-white sand beaches and quiet, charming personality. Auberge Resorts has taken over grand dame Malliouhana, built atop a panoramic bluff overlooking the Caribbean, and given it a massive renovation with gorgeous results – absolutely worth a visit.”


André Koester has lived all over the world, including Italy, France and Japan. She currently resides in New York with her husband and four sons. “Travel gives children a sense of perspective that you can’t get anywhere else,” Koester explains. Her passion is creating the perfect trips for families, but she also appreciates the importance of the romantic getaways.


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