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Five Post Summer Skin Issues Caused by UV Rays

The summer's over, sigh. We're vacuuming out the last specks of sand from our car. If you've spent the summer outdoors, like us, and all but bathed in sunscreen, hid under a wide-brimmed hat, and sought out as many shady patches as possible, there was no escape from incidental UV exposure. As we're cleaning house, we're also cleaning up some of the damage and limiting the long-term consequences of summer sun damage to our skin. There are five major issues we're facing this time of year:
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Fine lines
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Breakdown in collagen
  • Dryness
All thanks to UV rays! What you do before and after a day spent outdoors is critical, and our weapon of choice is our Daily Anti-Aging Power Serum. This Power serum is designed to boost your complexion’s defenses against the elements and help speed repair. Applied prior to moisturizer and SPF both morning and night, the formula works as a crucial line of defense to neutralize environmental toxins before they reach healthy skin cells. The power builds as advanced anti-aging and brightening activity work to help improve skin tone, texture, brightness and clarity. Hello September and hello beautiful, rejuvenated skin!!

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