Protecting your Skin with the Perfect Summer Hat

Sunscreen is of course our first line of defense when it comes to protecting your skin. Second, we never leave home without a hat.  We always choose hats with a wide brim and in fabrics that breathe or that are made out of light weight straw so you keep cool.  The slim brimmed hats such as the omnipresent fedora or even a baseball cap don't really cut it as they don't provide enough coverage and leave key areas exposed such as ears and the back of the neck.  A fabulous larger hat makes a statement and always completes any summer outfit.  This summer, here are our go to choices: Protecting skin from the sun with the perfect summer hat
  1. Peter Beaton is such a great shop in Nantucket, MA. We never leave the store without picking up a new hat. Sometimes, we buy the hat just for the hat box! The crocheted raffia fedora with the orange band is a great choice.
  2. Eugenia Kim - love them all, but the Cassidy with the gray snake-print leather bow is totally fun and love the contrasting animal print and straw.
  3. The Hat Shop NYC – love the Maya Squash because it's great for sailing and swimming. By wetting it, you can shape it to fit just the way you like.
  4. Jennifer Ouellette - so many choices, but the Drapped Ann is a fab one and you can choose from 21 colors.
  5. Helen Kaminsky - the Marbella in denim is a really great color.  This Australian designer never makes a hat that we don't love.
  6. J.Crew - the Panama with the lime green ribbon is another fun one and the price is right.
Whichever you chose, make sure it represents who you are and does the job protecting your skin!

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