Fall Beauty Trends That We Love

We've been holding off on saying anything about it but we've got some bad news -- summer's almost over. Keep your chin up -- there's still a few weeks left and we still have Labor Day weekend ahead of us. But we have to be real: soon we'll be wearing layers of clothes again. At least we can look forward to a few great fall beauty trends this year. We picked out our three favorite looks: A model wears minimal makeup (far left), a model wears orange eye color (center) and a woman models a braid (far right), all fall beauty trends. 1. Minimalism: Seen on Ralph Lauren runways, this trend requires very little in the way of makeup. A swipe of nude lip color and a wave of the mascara wand is all you really need. We like it because it definitely brings out a natural glow and reminds us a little of summer. 2. Bold Colors: On the other end of the spectrum, we see a lot of standout hues on the horizon. According to Global Grind, bright blues and greens are trending this fall. We also like orange eye colors for the season -- it would be a nice complement to the cooler weather. 3. Braids: True, braids never really go out of style but they are definitely getting a lot more love this fall. From side braids to updo's, it's something you'll be seeing everywhere. Take a slightly unique twist on the trend with your own style of braid. Try this one featured on Daily Makeover, for instance. Which fall trend are you excited to try?

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