Chicest Vacations: Kea Island in Greece

We're continuing to discover the chicest vacations around the world. This month, we're exploring a beautiful Greek island. Kea Island in Greece attracts celebrities and style icons, like designer Francisco Costa.

The sun sets over Kea Island in Greece.

Greek myth has it that Kea was first inhabited by water nymphs who lived among the island's beautiful springs and waterfalls. What brought them there is the same thing that draws us to the island. The entire island is lush and fertile and its mountains rise above the water, making for magnificent views of the Aegean Sea. Several attractions around Kea Island in Greece include Otzias Beach (top left), Ioulis (top right) and Aigis Suites (bottom). Where to stay? What to do? We're breaking down the big highlights: 1. Otzias Beach: One of the more remote, quiet beaches on an island full of beautiful shore lines, Otzias is a sandy beach hugged by trees and greenery. It's also a great spot to start if you want to go exploring. A small settlement is located to the east featuring several tavernas and other interesting spots to explore. There's also an adorable family-run beach bar where you can have a bite or a sip. 2. Ioulis: The island was originally discovered by ancient Greek artist Fasianos and his influence is evident in Kea's main village, Ioulis. The beautifully designed homes cover the slopes of a couple mountains. A collection of colorful roofs add a special touch to the view. Not to mention the lovely restaurants and tavernas worth a visit within the town itself. 3. Aigis Suites: This hotel overlooks St. Nicholas Bay just off the Aegean Sea. It's quiet, inviting and the views are jaw dropping. We honestly can't look away. We're ready to book the Afros Suite which is inspired by the local architecture with a terrace view of the water. In fact, we might not leave if we stay here.

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