Feast on Foods with Natural Sunscreen

We generally think of sunscreen as an external thing: something you lather on before meeting the sun. We're sure you know that we're big proponents of the type of sunscreen too (especially when it's naturally based). But there is more than one way to get a natural sunscreen boost. And one of those ways is really delicious.

A woman bites into a bar of dark chocolate, one of the foods with natural sunscreen.

A daily dose of sunscreen through a few select foods is a great idea. Of course, it won't protect us completely so we should still put on sunscreen before spending time under the sun. But it's a great supplement to help protect our skin from UV rays. Here are our three favorite foods with natural sunscreen benefits:

Yellow pepper (upper left), apricots (lower left) and chocolates (far right) are all foods with natural sunscreen.

1. Orange and Yellow Peppers: These peppers (which are nice sliced up and served with dip or as ingredients in a dish) are good as a source for carotenoids -- the pigments that give peppers their color. Carotenoids help fight cancer and promote healthy skin as well. 2. Apricots: Free radicals can cause damage to your skin and advance aging. This can be multiplied with sun exposure. But these delicious fruits are a great way to reverse free radical damage. It's also an excellent source of Vitamins A and C. 3. Dark Chocolate: It doesn't get much better than this. We've been saying for a while that chocolate is good for us and our skin. Now research shows that it might even help prevent skin cancer. A little bit goes a long way so look for small doses with lots of cocoa and flavonoids. Which of these foods will you try first? And don't forget that you can save 20% on your Soleil Organique purchase through Labor Day! Stock up on sunscreen now.

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