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Five Things to Pack: End of Summer Beach Trip

It pains us to say that summer is nearly at its end. But there's still enough sun to get to the beach one last time and we also still have Labor Day weekend to look forward to! Either way, we're planning our last few beach visits for the season. We want to be prepared for one last day at the beach.

A woman lies on a beach as we discuss what to pack for an end of summer beach trip.

This may be the perfect time to stock up on the things you need because you can get 20% off Soleil Organique using coupon code SOSUMMER13 through September 2nd! But here are the top ten things you need to pack for an end of summer beach trip: Five things to pack for an end of summer beach trip: a sombrilla, an extra bathing suit, a sun hat, sunglasses and water, all pictured. 1. Umbrella: While it's not a foolproof way to prevent sun damage, umbrellas can help you protect your skin against UV rays. You can find umbrellas that offer SPF protection, like this one on But we also love the Sombrilla from Hollie and Harrie which provides 95% UV protection. 2. Extra Bathing Suit: There's never a bad excuse for another bathing suit but when heading to the beach, it's not a bad idea to take one in your beach bag. Having the extra suit gives you the option of changing into dry, clean clothes if you've been sending all day in the ocean. The Trina Turk Avalon Surf Club halter bikini is a fun and colorful suit that we love. For those of us who prefer a one piece, check out this polka dot number from For Luna is really flattering. 3. Sun Hat: Maybe we sound a little like a broken record at this point but when going out in the sun, a hat that can provide a little shade for your delicate skin is key. It's also a pretty hot accessory this season so there are lots of great options. The Blue Mandy Sun Hat featured on Joules is one chic way to shade out the sun. Or maybe something like this Motorway Rancher hat from Anthropologie is more your speed. 4. Sunglasses: We too often forget about our eyes but they need protection from the sun as well. Our CEO Valerie McMurray shared her top picks for sunglasses earlier this summer. Click here to find out what she recommends. 5. Water: Staying hydrated while spending time in the sun is very important. Those rays will dry you out quickly so keep cold water, perhaps some Perrier, on hand at all times. It might even be a good idea to tote a small cooler along with you so that you can chill a few bottles of water. A tote-sized cooler bag, like this one from Igloo is a perfect solution. BONUS: Sunscreen! We all know by know that a trip to the beach requires sunscreen. We're in luck. As we mentioned above, Soleil Organique is offering 20% off through September 3. Make sure you stock up on all the sunscreen you need, especially Body Sunscreen SPF 45. What would you add to this list?

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