Featured Resort and Spa Amanyara in Turks and Caicos

As usual, Mondays give us a yen for travel. We'd love to get away and a trip to Turks and Caicos could be the perfect escape this month! Visiting resort and spa Amanyara, guests can enjoy white sand beaches, gorgeous ocean-front accommodations and the spa. Remote, uncrowded beaches, serene locations, amazing food and friendly people -- there's a lot awaiting us on those tropical islands. And we're pretty excited by the prospect of staying at the resort and spa Amanyara, too. We'd get to play on the sandy beaches of Providenciales, the island where the hotel is located and relax in the spa. Here are three things to look forward to: 1. The Beach: The resort is surrounded by white-sand beaches as well as coral reefs. Just the sight of this gorgeous beach is worth the trip but we can also take a kayak, snorkel around the coral reefs or opt to go paddle boarding. We'll be wearing sunscreen all day and soaking in the beautiful sunsets. 2. The Ocean Pavilions: There's plenty of room for us to stay in one of the resort's beautifully designed pavilions. The ocean pavilions are situated for the best views of the water. The open walls draw in the smells and aromas of the beach as well. So even in the room, we can soak in that sea and salt air. 3. The Spa: After a long day of beaching it, the spa is the place to relax. Choose from one of their "holistic journeys," or spa packages, to really get the most out of your visit. We're opting for the Purity so that we can detox. You can also find our products in the spa so make sure you ask for Soleil Organique. Are you ready to go?

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