Best Baby Skin Care Tips in Honor of the Royal Baby

If you haven't heard, the future King of England, son to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton, that is) arrived on Monday. He finally has a name (George Alexander Louis) and the proud mom and dad have already taken the little one home. They'll have their work ahead of them. One of the things they need to keep in mind: baby skin care tips. And we have a few! In honor of Will and Kate's Royal Baby, we're sharing our top four baby skin care tips. But first, we're curious about this name that might take up to a month for the royal family to announce. Many people were predicting he'd be named George but others said James and even a few were tossing around Albert as an option. Some of our friends on Facebook even suggested Richard. Given the previous names, it make sense that they'd choose a name from the Windsor family past. William's great great grandfather was a George and while his great grandfather was born Albert, he also became a King George. Over the last century, we've also seen, of course, Prince Charles, and an Edward -- at least those that rose to the throne, anyhow. But there was also a Henry, an Andrew, a Richard, a Michael and a John. So there were a lot of names to choose from. Do you think the new royal parents made a good choice? Anyhow -- back to those baby skin care tips. There are just a few things to remember -- Kate & Will, pay attention! 1. The Occasional Bath Should be Occasional: Babies don't need frequent baths. They're not really getting as dirty as you think. For the first six months or so, you only need to give them a bath about every other day. Otherwise, too much bathing can dry the baby's skin out. And be sure the bath water is not too hot and that you're using a very mild cleanser like Little Twig Tangerine Baby Wash. 2. Be Aware of and Treat Diaper Rash: Most rashes around the diaper area on a baby are caused by the diaper being too tight. The best way to prevent this is to leave the diaper area open to the air for as long as possible, be careful to put the diaper on carefully and change diapers as soon as they get wet. Of course, diaper rash can still happen. In that case, treat it with an all-natural option, like California Baby Therapeutic Relief Diaper Rash Cream. 3. Wash All New Clothes: Your baby's skin is very, very sensitive. So it can be easily irritated by the smallest contaminants. This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends washing all new clothes, towels and anything else that will touch your baby's delicate skin before you use them. It's also a good idea to consider using a mild laundry detergent that won't have a lot of ingredients that could also irritate your baby's skin. Seventh Generation Baby Laundry Detergent is a good option here. 4. Keep Your Little One Out of the Sun: For the first six months of his life, your baby king could be more prone to allergic reactions which is why we recommend staying in the shade and covering up the little guy in protective clothing. You can find great options at Coolibar. If you do want to use limited sunscreen as well, opt for something hypoallergenic, like our Sunscreen for Children SPF 45. Do you have any additional tips for little George or James or Albert or whatever his name is going to be?

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