Five Things to Pack: Scuba Diving or Snorkeling Trip

Our summer has been awesome so far but we're looking to take a little adventure before the season is over. While we were considering our options, a scuba diving or snorkeling trip sounded like an amazing idea. We'd love to travel to Australia and explore the Great Barrier Reef -- after a few scuba diving classes, perhaps. Maybe we should stick to the Caribbean, like Grand Cayman where we beginners can get a little extra training.

A woman scuba dives as we discuss what to pack for a scuba diving or snorkeling trip.

Before we go, we're making a list of the things we need to pack. We've nailed down the top five essentials to bring on a scuba diving trip: Pack a good, sporty swimsuit, a waterproof camera, a hat, a good diving mask and sunscreen for a scuba diving or snorkeling trip. 1. Swimsuit: It seems obvious but this is an important thing to remember. Since we're planning to dive throughout the trip, we'll need several options. We're thinking of packing at least three different bathing suits for a four to five day stay. This way, while one suit is drying, we can wear a fresh one into the water. The Calavera Siren suit is a sporty but also gorgeous option for diving. 2. Hat: Since we'll be spending a lot of time on a dive boat, maybe bring a couple -- and make sure these are hats you don't mind losing to a good gust of wind. Look for something that will cover your face and ears to protect from UV rays. There are a few chic choices we like that are still affordable enough that it wouldn't be a huge loss if it ended up overboard. This multicolor wide-brim hat by BCBG is on sale right now! 3. Water-proof Camera: We want to remember this adventure with photos. A disposable, water-proof camera should do the trick! Sure, it's a little outdated but they still make them. And it's better to bring something we don't mind losing rather than an expensive, high-end DSLR that could break and take up a little too much room in your baggage. Kodak's single-use sport camera may not be able to go on every dive with you but you'll be able to take awesome pictures on the boat. 4. Mask: While we can likely rent most everything else we need for a dive, it might be a good idea to have at least a few things on hand. And something like a mask gets kind of personal. We want to make sure it fits well and that it's comfortable. So go shopping for the perfect mask and make sure you have it in your bag! The Atomic Aquatics frameless mask is considered one of the best. 5. Sunscreen: No brainer! We will be on a boat all day long in the sun. Not only that, we'll be in and out of the water constantly so we'll need to reapply that sunscreen repeatedly to prevent a bad, bad sunburn. We're bringing along Face Sunscreen and Body Sunscreen -- and perhaps even a mist for easy reapplication. Overall, we need to keep packing light for this trip. We'll be on and off a boat and there's no need to carry around a bunch of unnecessary stuff. So only take the absolute essentials! What do you think -- did we miss anything?

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