Heidi Klum Reminds Us of Four Sunburn and Sunscreen Myths

Over the weekend, the gorgeous Heidi Klum showed us that she's not completely infallible. She too can get sunburned. In an Instagram photo that revealed her enviable backside, you can see a little red too. We debunk four sunburn and sunscreen myths. Overall, we're glad she shared it with us. It reminds us that we all need to be on the look out when it comes to sun protection. Even those of us who are supermodels are not exempt from UV rays. So when headed off to the beach, camping in the great outdoors, heading to a barbecue or really doing anything outside this summer, bring that sunscreen. But sometimes no matter what we do, we get burned. And there will be a lot of sunburns this summer. How do you deal with a burn? When it comes to treating sunburns and even putting on sunscreen, there are some myths that need to be debunked. We looked at four of the biggest sunburn and sunscreen myths and dug up the truth. Myth #1: If you have a darker complexion, you don't need sunscreen. False! Anyone can get a sun burn. While someone with dark skin might not burn as easily as someone with fair skin, they can still experience sun damage to their skin. UV rays are bad for us all so make sure you cover all exposed areas of your body with sunscreen no matter what your complexion. Myth #2: An umbrella will protect you from the sun. False! While an umbrella over your head might provide some protection, you are still going to be hit by UV rays reflected by the sand on the beach. That sand can reflect up to 17 percent of the damaging rays from the sun. So even under an umbrella, put your sunscreen to good use and reapply often. Myth #3: If you get sunburned, use a vinegar compress to treat it. False! If you've ever heard this suggestion, ignore it! Vinegar is an acid and it's probably the last thing you want put on your sunburned skin (it will just hurt more). Instead, opt for cool compresses or even Noxzema to treat inflammation and lower the temperature of the skin. If necessary, you can also opt for over-the-counter pain relievers to ease the pain -- and the inflammation. Myth #4: Aloe Vera is the absolute best way to treat a sunburn. True and false. Aloe Vera is a fantastic and natural anti-inflammatory that you can even grow yourself. However, doctors do warn that allergies to this particular plant are common so proceed cautiously if you've never used it. Also, if you're purchasing it from the store, avoid products that use alcohol as that will sting a little more than you might like. In addition, try to use it with a lotion that will help your skin replenish.

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