Smart, Chic and Safe Ways to Tan

New research shows that sunlight can curb the risks of heart disease and with summer coming up, we hope to get some sun.Of course, tanning without taking certain precautions can be dangerous for your skin. That's why we're looking at a few smart and safe ways to tan.

We suggest safe ways to tan like applying and reapplying sunscreen regularly.

1. Look into spray tanning: Spas offering spray tan options are always a safer option than laying out directly in the sun or -- what we definitely would never recommend -- using a tanning bed. We recommend looking for a naturally based spray tan option, like Aviva Labs. 2. Try a self-tanning lotion: If you'd prefer to go with an at-home option, self-tanning lotions are easy-to-use. You do have to apply evenly over your whole body to avoid any streaks. That can sometimes be tricky. Once again, opt for a natural lotion, such as Lavera. 3. Apply and reapply plenty of sunscreen: If you want to stick to the old fashioned method, take a lot of sunscreen. Apply liberally to your entire body before you even get dressed then reapply every hour or so -- especially if you're going in the ocean. And try to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun overall. The good news here is you can stock up on Soleil Organique and get 20% off through the end of the month! Enjoy your time in the sun!

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