Reduce Aging (20% Off Your Summer Sunscreen)

We've known this for a long time but we finally have confirmation: a new study shows that sunscreen can reduce aging signs on your skin. Sunscreen reduces aging signs which is why these three ladies are using it as they enjoy the sun. A study from the Annals of Medicine monitored groups of participants who regularly wore sunscreen and reapplied at different times. Participants who had been asked to use sunscreen daily over the course of four and a half years showed 24% less skin aging than other participants. After they completed the whole shebang, researchers determined that daily use of sunscreen protected skin against skin aging. So there you have it. But even aside from slowing the aging process, sunscreen protects from damaging UV rays and so much more. So we have many, many reasons to stock up on and wear sunscreen daily. To help you with that, we're giving you 20% off for the rest of the month of June. Go stock up on our 100% mineral sunscreens for your face and body and enter this coupon code when you're checking out: SOJUNE13. Happy Summer Shopping!

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