Featured Resort and Spa Barbados' Sandy Lane

Let's talk summer vacations. Where are you headed this summer? We're still trying to make up our minds. But we do love the idea of taking a trip to the Caribbean for a tropical atmosphere. One of the places we'd love to visit is the resort and spa Barbados' Sandy Lane. This luxury hotel has beautiful rooms, gorgeous views and plenty of places to find a little peace and quite. Resort and Spa Barbados' Sandy Lane offers a hydrotherapy pool, gorgeous rooms and luxury dining. The rooms are a good start! These well-furnished accommodations feature a big, comfortable bed and a lot of usable space. We're especially taken with the luxury ocean rooms. The big balconies overlook the beach and the ocean. We can definitely see ourselves having a delicious brunch while taking in the view. It only gets better at the spa. The 47,000 square foot facility offers aromatherapy and hydrotherapy services among many other great treatments. Their Rhassoul might be a nice place to enjoy a steam bath and sweat out some toxins. We could also go for a massage or take a dip in the hydrotherapy pool. And after all that relaxing, we're going to be hungry. With four restaurants, several bars and a great wine cellar, we're pretty sure we won't be disappointed in anything the culinary team at Sandy Lane cooks up. So we're ready to go. How about you? (Photos Courtesy of Sandy Lane)

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