Summer Skin Care and Sun Care Tips

Memorial Day has passed and it is unofficially summer. The official first day of summer is June 21 so it's really not that far away. But we want to start practicing our summer skin care and sun care regimen now. What does that mean? A few things but here are our five favorite tips to keep your skin healthy all summer long.

We have five summer skin care and sun care tips to help you protect your skin like this woman who's wearing a hat for shade.

Sunscreen before getting dressed. Even better -- lathering on UV protection (perhaps in the form of a replenishing lotion) for a few days prior to a full day in the sun can help build up a layer of protection for your skin. Then -- of course -- be sure to put on the sunscreen before you get dressed the day of to have that full protection. And don't be shy about reapplying every couple of hours. Have fresh sunscreen on hand. Sunscreen can remain effective for up to three years but if that bottle has been sitting on the shelf, gathering dust, look for an expiration date. Or to be safe, just replace it. And as Dr. Lawrence Gibson of the Mayo Clinic points out, if you're using the proper amount of sunscreen, there shouldn't be an entire leftover bottle at the end of the season. Use sunscreen mist to protect your scalp. Our scalp too often gets forgotten in the sunscreen application process. But it's not easy to get sunscreen under your hair without gooping up your mane with sunscreen. That's why using a sunscreen mist, like our 100% Mineral Sunscreen Mist SPF 45, is a great option. It's a light and easy way to protect your scalp from the sun. Exfoliate, post-beach. We mentioned this last year: sunscreen can build up on your skin and if it's water-resistant like ours, it may not be easy to wash it off. The best option is using exfoliation. There are several easy, at-home ways to do so. And it has the added benefits of buffing away dry skin, stimulating the circulatory system and leaves your skin glowing and healthy. Be good to your sunburn. No matter what, at one time or another, we all get a sunburn. So if you find yourself in this condition this summer, try a few at-home treatments. Dermatologist Patricia Wexler suggested using a cloth soaked in skim milk and ice as a cold compress to bring down inflammation and calm the skin. In addition, use pain relievers and apply aloe vera or hydrocortisone lotions. And drink water -- always drink water. How do you protect your skin all summer long? Stay safe in the sun!

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