6 Things We Need for Our Memorial Day Beach Getaway

Summer is so close we can feel it -- or maybe that's just the beautiful late-spring weather. Either way, we're already planning our getaway for the upcoming three-day weekend and official summer opener, Memorial Day Weekend. No matter where we're headed for our Memorial Day Beach Getaway, there are a few things we'll need to take with us. So we're planning ahead and making a list: The six things we'll be bringing on our Memorial Day Beach Getaway include a beach bag, a beach hat, a beach blanket, a sombrilla, a good book and Soleil Organique sunscreen. 1. Beach Bag: We're starting with our old standby beach bag. This colorful and whimsical tote from J.Crew is a great option. Made of canvas, it can also stand up to all the sand and wind at the beach -- maybe even a brush with the ocean. 2. Beach Hat: Eugenia Kim, a designer whose hats have been worn by the lovely Lana Del Ray, has a summer collection that we absolutely love. The collection includes adorable floppy hats as well as fedora styles. 3. Beach Blanket: A good beach blanket can make the difference with any day at the beach. The 100% cotton Missoni Home "Liam" Beach Towel is one of our faves. It's soft and luxurious and the best way to lounge on the sand. 4. A Sombrilla: We've mentioned the Sombrilla from Hollie and Harrie before but we really love it. It's not really an umbrella nor a tent -- it's somewhere in the middle. And we can easily adjust to provide shade wherever we need it. It also comes with some stylish options! 5. A Good Book: We want to limit the amount of time we spend in the sun, of course. But if we have our sombrilla shade, our hat and our sunscreen, we can spend some time reading on the beach. Maybe we can read Catching Fire before the new Hunger Games movie comes out or catch up on a classic like Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. 6. Sunscreen: Always, always, always have sunscreen in your beach bag! We recommend our 100% Mineral Sunscreen for Body SPF 45 paired with the 100% Mineral Sunscreen Mist SPF 45. Stock up and get ready for some fun in the sun! Did we miss anything? Now let's have fun!

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