Valerie's Hot Picks: The "Connie" Converse High Top

We don't mean to brag but our CEO Valerie McMurray has fantastic fashion sense. Aside from being a sun care maven and mother of three, she's also chic and fun and she's always on top of the next trend in fashion and style. For that reason, we're bringing you a weekly series of her latest picks. Several women, including Sarah Jessica Parker wear Converse high tops, Soleil Organique CEO Valerie McMurray's latest hot pick. This week, Valerie picks the Connie High Top -- an old standby from Converse and a comfortable shoe that can complement any situation. Also, it's perfect for everything we have to fit into the weekend. Valerie explains, "This weekend is jam-packed with lacrosse, soccer, baseball, Tae Kwon Do and saxophone for my three kids. My solution to this madness is the Connie High Top. Comfortable, fun, brings me back to the days of yore and I can be quick on my feet to schlep the gang to and fro. I opt for the classic off white, but there are so many fun colors to choose from." You may have also noticed fashionistas like Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna wearing them while running around the city. These shoes are a classic that have withstood the test of time and we love them! Where do you wear your Converse high tops?

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