Top Workout Tips from Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer Pete Cerqua

Getting fit is more than just looking good in a swimsuit; it's also about being healthy. May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month also reminds us that our entire body needs to be healthy. And sure, that added bonus of fitting into our skinny jeans is definitely awesome as well! Personal trainer Pete Cerqua wants to help you do just that and have some fun doing it -- maybe even go out dancing as part of your fitness routine. Fitness Expert Pete Cerqua suggests top work out tips like doing yoga or going dancing between high-intensity work outs. Many of us may be turning to a personal trainer to see results this time of year. We spoke to Pete, who is not only a personal trainer but also the author of the 90-Second Fitness Solution. Pete shared his top workout tips about meeting with a trainer, staying active and protecting yourself from the sun when you have the chance to get active outside. Soleil Organique: For those of us who have never worked with a trainer, is there etiquette we should follow? Pete Cerqua: Be yourself. Tell the trainer about any injuries or medical problems. Let them know what your goals are and most important, this is not a session with your shrink so focus on your body and don't expect the trainer to solve relationship problems. SO: What should we do to prepare for our first work out with a trainer? PC: Have your questions ready and get a clear understanding about the type of workout that is about to happen. Let the trainer know what you are capable of, as well as your past exercise experience so they can gauge how hard to push you. SO: Between meetings with a trainer, what should we do to stay limber and pumped for our next workout? PC: My workouts focus on strength training and high intensity cardio so I tell my clients to do less intense activities between our workouts. This can be as easy as a brisk walk, a yoga class, some of my home exercises or my favorite - go dancing! SO: What can we do at home to stay in shape if we can't get to the gym? PC: In my first book, The 90-Second Fitness Solution published by Simon & Schuster I outline 3 levels of home exercises that will keep you busy. My favorite quick workout is to do a wall sit for 90 seconds followed by a plank for 90 seconds. Sounds easy but wait until you try it! If you need directions you can go to my website and click on "Take the Challenge" for more details. SO: For those of us who sit at a desk all day, do you recommend any easy moves we can do in our seat to strengthen up? PC: First, get up and walk around the desk! Getting the blood circulating is the most important thing you can do next to staying hydrated. After that, grab a co worker and do the Wall Sit workout described earlier right in your office. SO: What are your favorite outdoor workouts? And how do you protect yourself from the sun? PC: The big thing these days is training for some type of Cross Fit or Civilian Military Combine competition. These are basically obstacle courses which is a more complete workout than say going for a run. When you add crawling, climbing, burpees, squat thrusters and kettlebell swings into a workout you know it's going to be amazing! To learn more about Pete Cerqua and his 90 Second Fitness program, visit his website and you can also buy his books The 90-Second Fitness Solution and High Intensity Fitness Revolution. Find them here. And let us know how you're staying fit!

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