Kentucky Derby Hats: Style (& Sun Protection)

We'd love to be at the Kentucky Derby this weekend but alas, we won't be able to. In lieu, we'll be watching from afar and wearing our big, gorgeous hats. But for those fo you who will be on the sidelines sipping mint juleps, we have some tips for picking out a gorgeous Kentucky Derby hats that will also protect you from the sun.

We love Louise Green, Formé Millinery and Satya Twena designs for Kentucky Derby Hats.

Go for a wide brim: It's no secret that the wider the brim, the more shade you'll have. Since you'll be in the sun for some time on Saturday, look for a Kentucky Derby hat that has a wide brim to give you a little added shade. That minor detail can save you a little UV ray exposure and make you look even more fabulous. Opt for UPF rated fabrics: You can find hats made from UPF-rated fabrics or fabrics given a Ultraviolet Protection Factor. This means the fabric on your head is even more likely to block out those damaging UV rays. You can do a search online to find retailers who sell UPF rated hats or keep your eyes open for them when you're out shopping. If all else fails, wear sunscreen: Look, we know that picking out a Kentucky Derby hat is all about making a statement. Sometimes that statement isn't going to be the ideal sun protection. So put on sunscreen before you go to the Derby and make sure you bring extra with you so that you can reapply after a few hours. Hats We Love! We do have our favorite derby hats -- here are a few to admire: 1. Louise Green: Louise's hats have been worn by the likes of Taylor Swift and Debra Messing. This particular option is simple but reminds us of that Great Gatsby-esque 1930s glamour we love! 2. Formé Millinery: Created by couture milliner Jenny Pfanenstiel of Chicago, these hats are one-of-a-kind. You're sure to be a fashionable standout among all the lovely bells at Kentucky Derby with this hat. 3. Satya Twena: Another favorite of celebrities, Satya Twena's designs are a bit eclectic and unusual but also very beautiful. We love the color of this fascinator but make sure you grab that sunscreen!

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