Our Favorite Boutique Gyms

While we definitely emphasize keeping your skin healthy, we know that staying fit is another important part of staying healthy. That's why we recommend getting a good workout in at least three times per week. Boutique gyms are a great place for just that. boutique-gyms A boutique gym is a smaller, more compact gym where fitness lovers can get more personalized attention for less than it would cost to go to a personal trainer. Occasionally these workout destinations also emphasize one type of workout or class so you can really concentrate on your favorite way to stay fit. These trendy locations have been popping up all over the country. But we have three favorites we wanted to recommend to you. Lithe Method: With four locations in Philadelphia and another soon to open in New York City, Lithe has gained popularity for its Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting style workouts. What does that mean? It's a combination of cardiovascular fitness, cheerleading-inspired aerobics and strength training. It sounds like pure fun to us and you burn off those calories in the process. Burn Fitness: Founder Tom Williams is a certified personal trainer and has a PhD in counseling psychology so he knows what we need when it comes to burning fat and getting fit. He created Burn Fitness in Los Angeles with the intention helping all of his clients meet their cardiovascular, strength training and weight loss goals. That means us too! Base Gym: Not only does this Miami location offer top-notch fitness experiences, it also features indoor and outdoor workout options along with amazing views of the beach. The exclusive facility requires an application process in order to ensure that your fitness goals are met but once you're accepted, no membership fees are charged. Now let's get fit for beach season. Who's ready?

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