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Spring Cleaning: Three Great Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Have you been putting off spring cleaning? We have, too! But now that we've found a few great eco-friendly cleaning supplies we should be able to get started right away. These three options are safe for the environment and they work all around the house. When you're done, your beautiful home will have its very own healthy glow.

Spring cleaning is so much better with these eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

1. Method Bathroom Cleaner: A plant-based formula, this concoction is an environmentally safe but powerful cleanser. It uses Method's powergreen™ technology to fight against grime, soap scum and stains. We're not fans of cleaning the bathroom either (who is?) but this cleaner should make it a little less of a chore. 2. Better Life™ Simply Floored! Natural Floor Cleaner: It's more than just a cute name. This cleaner is made from a plant-based solution that is safe for the planet, your pets and the entire family. It also works really well on a variety of floor surfaces, including laminates, wood, tile and vinyl. We can see our reflection in those floors! 3. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All-Purpose Cleaner: Since it's a biodegradable option, this eco-friendly cleaner is a great way to clean everything in between. We like to use this spray in the kitchen to cut through the grease on the stove or clean off the counter tops. But it's safe to use on a variety of non-porous surfaces, even those in the bathroom. Once you're finished cleaning, meet us outside for some fun in the sun!

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