Stylish Rain Boots for More Fashionable Spring Showers

Winter took its time exiting and now we've got a late start to the spring and no shortage of rain to boot. That said, do you have the stylish rain boots that you need this season? Rubber rain boots have come a long way. Sure, Manolo Blahnik still isn't designing them but the ones from Hunter aren't bad. Plus if you just pair them with the right look, they can even look good. Here are three of our favorite rain boots.

We love the stylish rain boots from dav, Nomad and Chooka.

1. dav Women's Equestrian Rain Boot: It's hard to tell but these stylish equestrian boots, a favorite of Amy Adams and Emmy Rossum, are all rubber with a 1 inch heel. The top of the boot should reach your knees and the sleek black fashion can complement many different looks. So if it starts raining and you have to get to the office, these are a great go-to option. 2. Nomad Women's Prep Bootie: These comfortable, knee-high rubber boots come in black, green and tan with contrasting double stripes toward the top of the calf. An adjustable strap can also help with the fit of the boot. We love that they don't necessarily look like a rubber rain boot and you can get away with wearing these to work or out with your friends. 3. Chooka 'Top Solid Mid Height' Rain Boot: These playful, mid-calf boots are a little more along the lines of your typical rubber rain boots. They come in five hues, including yellow, mint, purple, black and orange adding a pop of color to an otherwise rainy day. Pairing these with a summer dress on a warmer, rainy day could give you a sunnier outlook. While we're hoping for more sunny days, we think we can handle a little rain with these adorable boots.

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