Halfsies & Fooducate: Sustainable Dining Trends We Love

Do you feel like portions are too big at restaurants? We do. According to these infographics, there is a lot of waste when it comes to food. New sustainable dining trends and programs prevent waste as well as an increased demand for local ingredients and sustainable food production techniques are taking us in a direction that's good for the environment and good for us! Sustainable and healthy dining is getting easier. We love a new program called Halfsies  that allows diners to eat a smaller amount of the food they're served. The remaining portion can then be donated through the Halfsies program. Restaurants have partnered with the program to collect donations. When a diner chooses a Halfsies meal option, the restaurant will serve a smaller portion and the resulting "leftovers" are tracked and shared with the program. So look for the Halfsies logo on the menus next time you dine out. We also just discovered a new app called Fooducate.  The app lets users scan food items at the store and discover their nutritional value.  The app also helps track down where our food came from and even assigns a grade to the product to make it easier to understand whether you're about to buy a good or bad product. Aside from eating healthy, eating local is also important. Getting ingredients that don't have to travel far allows a grocery store, food producer or restaurant keep their carbon footprint small. So while you're nourishing your body, you're also helping the planet. We love these great spring recipes using local ingredients. Stay healthy and eat well! What are your favorite local and sustainable recipes?

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