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Decadent Wellness with Emrys Tetu, Holistic Health Counselor, Chef and Yoga Teacher

Emrys Tetu calls what she does "decadent wellness." It's all based on her concept that "… There really isn't anything healthy about being miserable." So Emrys makes living healthy enjoyable through her three lifestyle choices of yoga, holistic health and seasonal, healthy cooking. According to Emrys, taking care of our bodies should be something we love to do -- and we agree. That's why we asked her to share some of her tips with us about wellness and health. emrys-sc1012 Yoga: When it comes to practicing, Emrys feels that there are elements of yoga that could be applied to everyday life. "A case could be made for there being a variation of yoga that is the right fit for each person," she says. "The concept of yoga is that it's the way we breathe that makes it yoga… But we feel so good when we start to get into using the breath more as a tool and letting it really give us back more." Yoga is beneficial in so many ways, from arthritis treatment and prevention to reducing stress. But with all the different types of yoga available, Emrys suggests that anyone new to yoga should consider doing a little research. She advises, "Start with asking, 'what are things in your life that you would like to have be a little bit different?' Based on that answer, then this is the type of yoga that might be a great fit for you.Whether it's a restorative class or a meditation class or whether it's something much more vigorous like a Vinyasa practice." For those considering attending their first yoga class, Emrys has more advice. First, check out the studio's website: "Most yoga studios now have really good websites. And they usually will have either a beginner page or a frequently asked questions page." Some studios may suggest bringing a small hand towel or a bottle of water while other studios may not want water bottles in the classroom -- so be sure to check ahead of time. In addition, wearing loose, comfortable clothing that won't restrict you is important. Emrys says the most important thing is coming early. Those of us attending the first class need to meet the teacher, tell them it's our first class and also identify any problem areas we're having. "If you're recovering from something in a specific part of the body, you'll want to mention that to your teacher," she says. Holistic Health and Cooking: Emrys is also a holistic health counselor. She's been promoting a healthy and holistic way of life in her private practice for eight years. She works with individuals, families and groups, teaching them better ways to live. This includes seasonal cooking -- an idea that we love. Emrys teaches cooking classes, leading students in creating dishes that are appropriate for each season. For the spring, she suggests looking for in-season greens. She even shared a great spring recipe with us. You can find it here. And if you're interested in learning a little more about yoga, her yoga DVD will be out soon -- keep an eye open for it! What's your favorite spring dish?

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