Most Beautiful Beaches for Summer

TripAdvisor released their list of the world's most beautiful beaches this past February. We think they're all amazing and we can't wait to visit each and every one, wearing sunscreen of course. But we picked out the three that we're most looking forward to visiting this year. The most beautiful beaches in the world include Seven Mile Beach, Whitehaven Beach and Rabbit Beach Seven Mile Beach: Located on the west side of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, the beach isn't quite seven miles but it is so beautiful, you probably won't think about it while you're soaking in the sun and wading through clear, gorgeous waters. To find an even more unique experience, visit the Cayman Turtle Farm. Airlie Beach: On the other side of the world, Australia hosts another of the world's most beautiful beaches. Whitehaven Beach is located in Airlie Beach, Australia and features gorgeous white sands and crystal clear waters. For the adventurous, can take a ride in a plane to get an ariel view of Heart Reef, an offshoot of the Great Barrier Reef. Rabbit Beach: This amazing Sicilian beach can be found on the island of Lampedusa, which can only be accessed by boat. Visitors find a very remote location with some incredible views. But keep in mind that the vast majority of the area is made up of rock. To get a spot on the limited white sand, try to get there early because even while it is a bit remote, it's a popular spot. Now that it's been named the most beautiful beach in the world, it might be even more popular. Remember to pack that sunscreen and enjoy the beautiful beaches!

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