Good Foods for Healthy Skin

One of the ways that we keep our healthy glow is by adding good foods for healthy skin to our diet. There are so many delicious options that not only keep your skin firm but can also provide anti-aging benefits as well. We can choose between delicious fruits, veggies and many other great snacks. Here are just a few of our favorites: Good foods for healthy skin include dark chocolate, spinach, yogurt and pomegranate. Pomegranates: A great source of polyphenol, this tasty and seedy fruit can help fight free radicals which can damage your skin. In addition, the fruit also helps regulate blood flow responsible for your rosy cheeks. And some of its other components, including vitamins B5 and C and potassium can all aid in repairs to skin damaged by sun exposure. You can either crack open a pomegranate yourself or drink a few glasses of juice each day to take advantage of the benefits. Spinach: Packed with vitamins and nutrients, leafy greens like spinach are great ways to nourish your skin. Vitamins A, C, E and K are all found in the vegetable and those are all great for your skin. You can also find antioxidants in spinach that can help clear acne and repair damage to your skin as well. All that and it's also full of iron which has many benefits, including cancer prevention, arthritis treatment and lowering the chance of heart disease. Greek Yogurt: It's good to eat yogurt -- especially Greek yogurt -- because it contains active bacterial strains that boost the immune system and enhance nutrient absorption. These are both good things for your skin. But you can also make facial masks using yogurt that can help smooth wrinkles, treat acne and soothe sunburns. Dark Chocolate: We're so excited about this one! While we think all these great foods are tasty, chocolate is definitely the sweet reward. Researchers have found that dark chocolate contains something called flavanoids. These flavanoids may be able to absorb some of the UV rays that you're exposed to on a daily basis. This means that eating dark chocolate could protect your skin from sun damage. Brilliant! What are your favorite skin-healthy foods?

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