Get Fit in Organic Work Out Clothes

Spring has arrived and that means bikini season is just around the corner. So many of us are thinking about that bikini body. As we start scheduling our yoga or pilates classes -- or even getting ready to go for a run, we need to make sure that we have safe, breathable, organic work out clothes. So we picked out a few options. Get fit this spring with organic workout clothes. Gaiam is a great source for yoga and fitness clothes. Their organic yoga pants are comfortable, naturally breathable and perfect for your next warrior pose. Pair it with an organic cami and an organic hoodie and you're all set for your next yoga session. You might even want to pick up a yoga mat and bag made by fair trade artists in Thailand. Headed to the gym for strength training? Slip on these organic cropped sweat pants from Green Apple along with their V-Neck Relaxed Fit Tee. And if you plan to jump on the treadmill, make sure you have a great pair of running shoes. When thinking of eco-friendly options, Nike may be the best choice since they've worked toward improving their recycling programs. For those of us opting for a competitive edge with a game of tennis, there are a few great options as well. The Swerve Skirt from tasc Performance is made from organic cottons and other natural materials. As an added plus, it provides UV protection, as does the matching cami top. In addition, sunscreen is a necessity before you run out onto the court. Well, we've got the work out wardrobe taken care of. Now we just have to get moving!

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