Spring Sun Care and the Outdoors

Today is the first day of spring! Despite this week's snow storm and the bitter frost in NYC, spring is in the air and we can't wait.  Before running out into the sun to enjoy it, we want to make sure we're protecting our skin all season long with a spring sun care regimen. So we're looking at three fun outdoor spring activities and how we can stylishly protect our skin in the process.

Picnics in the park during spring call for a picnic blanket, a comfortable wardrobe and spring sun care.

1) A Picnic at a local park.  Pack up a basket with sandwiches that are perfect for the season, carrot sticks and hummus and strawberry tartlets. Make sure you bring a blanket, like this Sunshine Blanket Tote from picnicfun.com. Make sure you apply sunscreen to protect your skin. Even if you manage to find a spot in the shade, your skin will still be exposed to UV rays. In addition, we never leave home without a hat. Wide brim hats are all the rage this spring. Victoria Bekham featured a fab one in her spring show.

When hiking or horseback riding, choose your wardrobe carefully and remember your spring sun care regimen.

3) For some of us who are more outdoorsey, go for a hike. For this activity, shoes are the most important accessory to consider. Opt for a pair of comfortable but rugged hiking boots. L.L.Bean can help find the perfect pair for you. In addition, bring layers. Even if it's a warm day, temperatures will drop as you climb higher. This new bomber from JCrew is great. In addition, be sure to protect your skin -- especially your face -- with sunscreen since it's unlikely you'll be in the shade all day. 4) Horseback riding is another activity that's perfect for a gorgeous spring morning. We love roaming through fields astride a horse or even taking a light gallop. If it's a cold morning, many riders prefer to wear a vest, like this one from the U.S. Polo Association. If you're not a rider, but want to look like one, Belstaff has some great options. Finally, even though you might be pretty covered up, it will still be important to protect your skin. Remember to use a hand cream with an SPF since your hands will be most exposed (unless you wear gloves). Put your helmet on and enjoy the ride! Sayonara snow!

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