Natural Hangover Remedies

Honey is a great addition to the other natural hangover remedies.On a Monday following St. Patrick's Day, some of us might have a case of the Irish flu. The symptoms are pretty universal: headaches, stomach pains and fatigue among other complaints. But you can alleviate the effects with a few natural hangover remedies that will help you get your natural glow back. And while we may be a little late to help cure your hangover today, we hope you'll remember these for next time. First drink a lot of water. After a night of imbibing (and even during), it's important to rehydrate your body and speed up the detox process. Some experts even suggest a glass of tomato juice which has vitamins and minerals that your body needs. But water will be really important throughout the day. Even a hot shower can help relieve your ailments by removing toxins through your skin. While you're rehydrating, make sure to get some food into your day as well. Usually when hangover, we crave greasy foods. But there are better options. Alcohol can rob your body of important nutrients, like potassium. Bananas can help replenish that potassium while fructose -- found in foods like honey -- will help your body metabolize the alcohol you've consumed. In addition, carbs can help soak up the alcohol and curb that nausea you may be feeling. You could try them altogether with a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich. We hope you're feeling better today. If not, try one of these natural hangover remedies and get lots of sleep tonight!

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