All-Natural Snacks and Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

shamrock chipsWe're so excited for St. Patrick's Day and we already talked about how we'll be wearing our green this Sunday. But for those of us planning a party, we think we might go green in a different way. Sustainable and all-natural snacks and cocktails for St. Patrick's Day are a perfect way to celebrate with or friends -- and it'll be a great complement to our outfits as well. First consider how you'll be feeding your guests. When you're checking off items on your shopping list, make sure you're picking up local and organic items and opt to make as much of the food as you can. This way you'll shrink that carbon footprint which is about as green as you can get. There are a lot of great party snacks you can easily make. We recommend Baked Parmesan Kale Chips (a recipe from which are not only a festive color, they're also healthy and sustainable. When you make your own chips, you avoid that extra waste of packaging. A couple other party snacks we recommend include Shamrock-shaped Tortilla Chips and Dip, Easy Edamame and vegan Colcannon Puffs. For dessert, we like these Irish Cream Push Pops. When it comes to your liquor cabinet, organic and local are also important. In fact you could make your own organic chocolate cream liqueur. Or you could stock up on eco-friendly liquors like VeeV, a sustainable liquor made with the açaí berry. In addition, look into 360 Vodka or Maker's Mark -- which has a surprisingly small carbon footprint. Of course, none of these liquors are necessarily Irish but they're great additions to your Jameson stash. In fact, the the distillery in Dublin that makes Jameson has adjusted their methods to be more sustainable so you can buy the Irish whiskey as well and be guilt free! Just remember that all things in moderation are important, have a ton of fun and enjoy Sunday's holiday!

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