Featured Resort & Spa: Cabo San Lucas Resort and Spa Hotel Esperanza

Spring break has arrived for many and we're ready for a getaway. Mexico sounds perfect and we're excited to stay at one of the top spots: Hotel Esperanza. Not only does this Cabo San Lucas resort and spa feature Soleil Organique products, it also offers a lot of amazing amenities and a perfect place to stay amid all that the area has to offer. Cabo San Lucas resort and spa Hotel Esperanza offers luxurious accommodations and great spa treatments. A secluded resort with gorgeous views of the Sea of Cortez, Hotel Esperanza is a true getaway in every sense. Guests can choose to stay in beautifully decorated suites or luxurious villas located along the beaches. A spa provides a wide array of services and treatments and a fitness center and yoga studio are also available. An oceanfront sculpture and Zen garden is a perfect setting to find a bit of quiet solitude before putting on your sunscreen and taking a walk on the beach. Guests also have access to activities, such as snorkeling, sailing and fishing. Golf lovers will also find paradise in the championship-level courses minutes away from the resort. Just don't forget your sunscreen if you're going out in the hot, Mexico sun! As an added bonus, Hotel Esperanza is also dedicated to "responsible luxury." This means that the resort employs green design techniques, sustainable water use and other eco-friendly processes to keep guest visits enjoyable but also Earth friendly. And not having to worry about your carbon footprint should be an important part of any getaway. Ready for spring break? We'll see you there, we hope!

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