Lau Islands in Fiji, a Beautiful Destination

It's only March -- and still cold for many of us. But that doesn't mean we can't take some time to daydream about a beautiful destination. Today, we're imagining a beach in the Lau Islands in Fiji -- wearing sunscreen, of course. Lau Islands in Fiji are a beautiful but remote destination. Last year, Forbes named it one of the prettiest places on the planet and we couldn't agree more. There are about a hundred islands in this archipelago and only about 30 are inhabited. So it's a perfect spot to escape and just admire the beauty. Talk about a getaway -- the islands are very remote and see few tourists but their appeal is undeniable. They're located about 200 miles east of Suva, Fiji and the biggest draw might be the amazing sunsets (and sunrises) you can take in from the beaches -- just make sure you've got your SPF. Visitors can also scuba dive in the waters around the islands and discover rare and dazzling marine life. The island of Vanau Balavu at the north of the archipelago is one of the most scenic spots in the bunch. It also offers the only accommodation among the islands, the Moana's Guesthouse. This guesthouse is a collection of bungalows and those who stay can choose to go sailing through the channels of the archipelago or horseback riding along the beaches. It's certainly a great place to get back to nature but also to escape the cold -- and everyday life -- for a little while. We're ready to go! Where would you like to travel?

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