The Importance of Sunscreen in Winter Snow

There's only a few more weeks of cold weather left -- we hope! But with the snowstorms throughout the country, it's important to remember that sunscreen in winter weather is still a necessity -- especially when there's snow on the ground. winter-scene Yes, it's freezing out and we're covered up in layers and not spending much time in the sun. But the sun is actually closer to the earth in winter and with hands and faces still exposed to those UV rays, sun damage is even more of a possibility. Meanwhile, that snow on the ground can reflect up to 90 percent sunlight -- increasing exposure. The bottom line? Wear sunscreen year round. In addition, moisturize your skin and cover up as much as possible when you're playing in the snow. That goes for you snow bunnies, too! We'll see you on the slopes -- with our SPF on! Photo courtesy of revraikes via Flickr/CC

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