They Say Your Hands Reveal Your Age. Let’s Keep Them Guessing.

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It’s likely that you’ve heard the terms liver spots, age spots or sun spots.  No matter what the name, the reason for them is universal.  Sun damage. Sun spots, as we’ve decided is the more apropos term, are a direct result of cumulative exposure to UV rays. Sometimes appearing as small brown patches or flat brown marks, sun spots are usually benign but should still be taken seriously. They are a not-so-friendly reminder of the effects of our powerful sun.

It is quite possible that sometime after a vacation, you’ve realized that you’ve come home with a couple souvenirs on your hands or forearms.  If you’re lucky (or less vain than us) you may simply forget about them.  What you will want to keep in mind however is that sunspots are made from that cumulative sun exposure. So don’t add to the problem or allow them to darken by leaving them unattended.

The good news is that sun spots are relatively easy to avoid. This Fall and Winter, simply add to two key “suncessories” to your wardrobe.

First and the most important component of your efforts will be to add our Daily Environmental Defense Hand Cream with SPF 15 to your sun protection regimen. Ingredients include our natural mineral sun block, shea butter, chamomile, aloe vera, COQ10 and Vitamin C ester which acts as a whitening agent and collagen promoter.

Next, go invest in a nice pair of gloves. Elbow length gloves that creep up your forearms are not only fab this season, they’re S.O. smart. The combination of an all natural hand cream and a great pair of gloves will also protect your pretty little skin from the cool dry air this season.  It’s that easy.

Just remember, it’s not too late to aide what’s already there and it’s never too early to avoid what’s not.


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