Love and Technology Conquer Skin Cancer

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Melanoma has been on the rise for the past 20 years in the United States and is the number one most common cancer among young adults ages 24-29. One person dies of melanoma each hour in the US with more than 60,000 new cases of the fatal skin cancer diagnosed each year. Sadly, the numbers are increasing dramatically and at an alarming rate. In the case of melanoma, early detection is critical to survival rates.

Helping to reverse the rising skin cancer trend while promoting early detection is Mole Detectiveâ„¢, a smartphone app designed to help users identify potentially life threatening moles on the skin.

Kristi Zuhlke is the entrepreneur and Founder of Mole Detective™ who hails from Procter & Gamble where she worked in Consumer and Market Knowledge.  A newlywed since May, (congrats Zuhlkes!), Kristi Zuhlke found inspiration through her husband’s personal fight with melanoma. Diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 26 and despite being 11 years post diagnosis, Zuhlke’s husband must continue to see his dermatologist every 6 months for mole monitoring.  In the process of checking moles on her husband’s back, Zuhlke wished for a tool that could help her keep track and understand if the moles continued to show symptoms of melanoma.


Enter Mole Detective™… the brilliant smartphone app Kristi Zuhlke created which encourages prevention, drives awareness and promotes early detection so that no one will have to face the trials the Zuhlke’s are fighting – to be in the 15% that survive stage four melanoma.

With Mole Detectiveâ„¢, users simply take photos of any mole, suspicious or otherwise and Mole Detectiveâ„¢ will return an analysis of the mole.

Moles are chronicled with the app and new moles can be added as needed. The evolution of a mole can be a red flag to melanoma. With regular mole tracking c/o Mole Detectiveâ„¢, new moles and mole evolution can be thoroughly evaluated by your dermatologist, increasing the chance for detecting skin cancer in its early stages.

The Mole Detectiveâ„¢ app is available for purchase from the Apple iTunes Store or Android Market.

To Detect and Protect

A smartphone app built from love coupled with safe sunscreen sounds like the perfect powerful protection against skin cancer doesn’t it? That’s why we were honored to partner with Mole Detectiveâ„¢ to offer you the ‘Sun Safe Sweeps’! The grand prize is valued at over $300 and includes our:

The contest is open until June 30th. To enter and for more ‘Sun Safe Sweeps’ giveaway details, please visit: Mole Detective’s Facebook Page. Good luck!


  1. Wonderful article. Thank you!

    Comment by Kristi — June 20, 2012 @ 3:30 pm
  2. Go Kristi!!! I am so proud of you! :)

    Comment by Christie — June 20, 2012 @ 3:35 pm

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